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Bleach Zangetsu (No Moon) cosplay anime prop, Death God sword, Ichigo Kurosaki's sword, weapon sword, unsharpened.

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[Name] Shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo's weapon [Specifications] Total length: 104cm, Blade length: 69cm, Handle length: 28cm, Blade width: 2.8cm, Blade thickness: 0.4cm, Weight: 1.4KG

[Blade Material] Carbon Steel

[Sheath Material] Hardwood paint, black scabbard

[Handle] Wrapped in red leather with a black ribbon [Ornamentation] Zinc alloy-made sword mouth and handle bottom ornamentation with silver decorative patterns.

[Description] The weapon named "Shinigami" is the weapon used by Kurosaki Ichigo. The total length of the blade is 104 cm, the blade length is 69 cm, and the handle length is 28 cm. The blade material is made of high mountain hardwood, with a blade width of 2.8 cm, a blade thickness of 0.4 cm, and a weight of 1.4 KG. The sheath is made of hardwood paint, black scabbard. The handle is wrapped in red leather with a black ribbon, providing a comfortable grip. The sword mouth and handle bottom ornamentation are made of zinc alloy and feature silver decorative patterns, which are very exquisite.

This weapon is Kurosaki Ichigo's signature weapon and also serves as a symbol of the Shinigami.